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  • ◆ pre-sale serviceAfter the signing of the contract, our company will send engineering and technical personnel together with the user to develop power supply program, signal line wiring form, structural construction requirements and must be equipped with the construction conditions. ◆ sale serviceDuring the production period, we implement the whole process of production quality control. Our company is responsible for on-site installation and commissioning operation. I will be on the constru...
  • 企业的最新动态,让您及时了解公司的一些活动计划和公司的发展方向,让你第一时间知道我们的最新资讯,我们的最新动态,深圳市盛德乐电子有限公司一直与您同在!
  • 企业的最新动态,让您及时了解公司的一些活动计划和公司的发展方向,让你第一时间知道我们的最新资讯,我们的最新动态,深圳市盛德乐电子有限公司一直与您同在!
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Xintec Group is a Hong Kong-invested enterprise engaged in research and development, production, sales and marketing of sensor products. With our branch offices in the Hong Kong United States and Shenzhen, and production bases in Shenzhen,each production process, ranging from design and development, manufacturing of models, production of metal hardware, plastic molding to the making of PCB Assembly, is ensured to be completed independently with high efficiency.

Our products, which include liquid-level sensors, photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, flow sensors, Hall sensors, burglar alarm products, are extensively applied for a variety of uses such as industrial control, office automation, security measures, as well as for different kinds of hardware including home appliances and vehicles. In addition, our company engages in ODM and OEM services.

Our company is founded and comprised of professionals who have worked in the sensor industry for decades, and possess rich experiences in managing corporate executives in various regions such as Japan, Hong Kong and China. Upholding our business philosophy of “Being reliable, honest and sincere”, we are committed to offering quality services to customers whereas encouraging self-discipline, harmony and assistance among our staff members, with an ultimate goal to achieve growth together with our customers and staff.

Although we are a newly established company, with our sincerity, decent corporate culture and good reputation of our management team, not only have we successfully earned praises and support from customers in the country and abroad, but also continued to grow and expand rapidly with more professionals in this field joining and supporting us.

In return for the staunch support from all friends, Xintec Electronics Co. Ltd will strive to deliver quality products and services with high effectiveness and efficiency.

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Company News
  • 2016 - 12 - 29
    In 2015, the company on the basis of long-term adherence to the system specification operation, through the hard work of all employees, through the 3 c certification examination, and obtain the certif...
  • 2016 - 12 - 29
    OKI Sensor Device Corporation(OSDC) has spent weeks for audit of throughly the work flow, procedures & operation of Xintec.Electric including the factory located in Gonging & fo...
  • 2016 - 12 - 29
    During Jul.7th to 14th,2014, Xintech General Manager, RD director and technical counselor were invited by Japan Selco Corporation(SELCO) president to visit Kyoto for researching the market of bur...
  • 2016 - 12 - 29
    Xintec Electric is proudly announced that Xintec has obtained the ISO/TS16949 certification by NQA,UK.To get this certificate reflect the level of quality of Xintec reached to international automative...
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